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From content creation, to putting on the final touches, I can help.


From something as short as a tweet, to something as long as an e-book, I’ve got you covered. I can write blog posts, social media posts, email campaigns, press releases, video scripts, website content, and newsletters. I’m familiar with B2B marketing as well as SEO targeting. I’m passionate about helping people discover to story they’re telling with their brand/project/promotion and communicating it in a way that converts.

Copy Editing

I can come alongside your work with edits, rewrites, suggestions, comments, and tweaks. I have experience editing books, master’s theses, articles, blog posts, essays, speeches, and more. I can get you a higher grade, more views, more clicks, or the job you’ve been daydreaming about.


If you need an extra set of eyes on what you’ve written, look no further. I can make sure your spelling, punctuation, grammar, conventions, voice, and tone are pristine. Many projects fail when they are almost completely done, because that’s when the most courage is required. I can build your confidence.

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