Something Tells Me We Are Gonna Be Friends

The Freelance Writer’s Journey, Chapter 11

When I started my freelance writing journey, I read two books by a man named Steven Pressfield. The first one was called Turning Pro, and the second was called Do The Work. They helped me so much with my mindset and general plan of battle for starting this venture.

In fact, if you are even considering starting a side hustle or finishing that dream project, please read both of those books for the kick in the pants you need.

In Turning Pro, Pressfield explained that when you start really going after your dream, you’ll see changes in your social network. You’ll lose some friends and gain new ones. The best friends you have now will still be there, though.

But you’ll find the new friends fascinating. Most will have a similar vision to yours.

I definitely find that to be the case. One of my favorite things about freelance writing is meeting all sorts of new people from a variety of backgrounds. Most of them, like me, are trying something new. Some of them are fellow writers, some of them are running startups, and some are more established entrepreneurs. 

Almost every one of them “gets it,” because they know what it’s like to take a risk and find yourself in the trenches. There’s a certain camaraderie you feel out here, in the arena. Every connection matters.

Wins In Week 11:

The primary win has been meeting so many new people! Let me tell you some of the people I have recently talked to:

1.  A tech starter-upper from Utah.

2. A tech starter-upper from Iran.

3. A business incubator/writing agency from Manhattan.

4. A couple of entrepreneurs from the city I used to live in, who I never really connected with before this journey.

5. A couple of fellow writers, one from Texas and the other from the Dakotas, committed to figuring this whole “online business” thing out with me.

6. A far more established writer from Boston, willing to lend a helping hand.

7. A successful tech entrepreneur from Israel.

8. An AVL aficionado, currently living in Central America.

9. A marketing specialist from San Diego.

10. And a Telehealth developer from Maine.

And that’s all in the past week!

It’s so cool to meet people from all over the world who possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Some of whom literally need their thing to work if they want to pay next month’s rent. I would never have made these connections without starting down this path.

So, if you’re one of the people I mentioned… Hey, I’m glad we met!

A couple of other quick wins: I filled out my official business application (fancy schmancy) and paid the fee for it.

I made it to Thanksgiving break at school, providing a week where I can focus less on homework and more on writing and family.

I have invested time in my hobbies through all of this, which is extremely important for managing seasonal depression. You want to continue doing the things you enjoy, even if you’re not feeling it in the moment.

Challenges In Week 11:

The primary challenge has been seeing things slow down with so many of my clients. A couple of weeks ago, I was fully booked. Then, a bunch of people stopped needing me as much. Some were nice enough to warn me, while others kind of stopped responding. So it goes.

Also, my area has some additional restrictions because of the virus. This doesn’t affect things too much for my business thankfully, but my school did transition to all-online, and it’s harder to do some normal life things now. Here’s hoping for a miraculously healthy winter for everyone!

Preoccupation In Week 11:

My preoccupation in Week 11 was mostly a dilemma relating to work slowing down.

There are a few potential clients who may start giving me regular work, and a lot of it. There are also a couple of existing clients who may start giving me even more.

So, should I sit and wait for those potential opportunities, or should I actively seek more work to fill the gaps?

If I seek more work, and those opportunities also work out, I could be left with more work than I can handle. But if I sit and wait, and the opportunities don’t work out, then I could be left with far less work than I want.

I debated back and forth and decided that I don’t want to wait. I’ll slowly start pursuing new leads and back off if the other opportunities go my way.

Final Note:

I’m feeling discouraged about the lower workload, but encouraged about my new connections and potential opportunities. I’m going to enjoy the people I get to interact with this week, and work on chasing down more leads.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Something Tells Me We Are Gonna Be Friends

  1. I love Steven Pressfield’s work! It’s also inspiring that he’d found his break later in life, and as someone approaching 40, at least I don’t need to feel like my life’s over. Great post!


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