Let’s Make It Official

The Freelance Writer’s Journey, Chapter 10

I got my Facebook profile when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school. Well really, my sister made it for me. I don’t think I’ve had a social media profile that wasn’t made for me, except maybe Myspace.

Myspace was dying, so my sister migrated me over to Facebook, which was the happening spot online at the time.

Back in that day, there was an unwritten rule about romantic relationships:

It’s not official until it’s Facebook official.

In other words, unless you changed your Facebook status to “In a relationship,” then your relationship wasn’t legit.

I guess the same goes in the business world. There’s a hobby, there’s a side hustle, and then there’s an incorporated business.

Wins In Week 10:

I had a meeting with someone this week to turn my writing service into an official business! It was recommended that I make that move once my monthly revenue reached a certain point, and I reached the point at the end of October. Feels amazing to make it here. I know it will feel even better when I have the official license.

My first client has started giving me some extra work as well. It’s good to do well for somebody so that they want to give you more. They’re also hooking me up with a couple more people to network with, which could turn into good work.

Challenges In Week 10:

I had extra classes this week, meaning an additional afternoon was occupied with homework and an additional night was occupied with class. That wasn’t too fun. I slept in super late the morning after class ended. 

I also had an abnormally high number of blog posts to write this week. I don’t know why, but I still get intimidated at the start of a blog post, before I’ve started outlining it. Almost like starting an essay for school. So I had to slay that particular dragon more than usual.

Preoccupation In Week 10:

Didn’t have too many preoccupations this week given the extra schoolwork. The only thing I could think of was my great internal debate on whether to buy a PlayStation 5. I keep going back and forth on whether I really want one. It’s probably a moot point anyway, since they’re so difficult to get right now.

Final Note:

By the next time I write a post, I will have applied to be a sole proprietor. This all started back in late August, and now it’s getting really real.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Make It Official

  1. Woo! Always a great feeling when things get serious, and you continually build your business. I too felt like a boss when my sole proprietorship approval came in. Wishing you a prosperous time ahead!


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