Chugging Along

The Freelance Writer’s Journey, Chapter 8

I’m turning this post in a couple of days late because I had so much difficulty focusing on Friday.

Some days, you feel dysfunctional to the max. Friday was such a day. Fortunately, it came as the last workday of the month, and I had already reached some significant goals. Still, I’m kicking myself over not accomplishing very much on a day almost solely dedicated to work. 

However, getting really mad at myself isn’t going to be productive. The answer is to move forward with a little bit more focus and dedication. 

So far on my journey, I’ve been the little engine that could. But there’s another hill ahead.

Wins In Week 8:

I officially hit my income goal for October, which feels downright wonderful! I spent most of the month worrying whether or not I was going to make it, and it came down to the final week. Thankfully, I got a good amount of work at a high rate and manage to pull it off.

This encourages me to set a higher goal for November. This is the right move, even though it’s intimidating. I am already wondering whether or I’m going to make it, and it’s only the first day of the month. Still, it’s better to set a higher goal, not quite make it, but still get farther than you would have. Once I hit my October goal, the temptation to be lazy and coast to the finish line grew exponentially.

Also, I’m starting to fall into a routine. Someone told me that it typically takes about three months to adjust to a new lifestyle. I am officially two months in, and things are starting to solidify. Church and work on Sunday. Homework and class on Monday and Wednesday. Work and household tasks on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Rest on Saturday. Rinse, repeat.

Challenges In Week 8:

It’s becoming a common thing, but focus is quite the challenge these days. It often takes me a while to get into the mental zone where I’m able to start a project. Sometimes it takes hours. This has led to “work” days where I don’t start working until the late afternoon and end up working for half the evening just to stay on top of everything. I want to get into the work zone sooner. After all, the quicker I get started on stuff, the quicker I’ll be done, and the more accomplished I’ll feel.

I’m also starting to feel seasonal affectiveness in full. It’s something I’ve struggled with for most of my adult life, so there’s no surprise that I’m starting to feel it more as the days get darker. It presents a challenge to getting up and getting productive in the morning. I am also glad that my schedule is more flexible so that I can adjust to later mornings. It’s time for me to do what I know how to do in order to fight back.

I also faced a true rejection from a prospective client this week. That’s never fun. It was definitely a learning moment for me, and it will lead me to get better at my craft. In the moment, it’s easy to catastrophize a rejection into thinking that I’ll never succeed, that I’m going to go down in flames in a matter of weeks. The truth is that there was another candidate more fit for the job, and that’s all. I have to remember to keep these things in perspective.

Preoccupation In Week 8:

Nothing work-related caused a preoccupation this week. I didn’t do a lot of auxiliary things because I was so focused on hitting my goal during the start of the week, and then so unfocused after I hit it.

I was a little bit preoccupied with videogames, but what else is new?

Final Note:

I’m well on my way to making this an income source on the same level as my previous full-time job. This month, I think I’m going to incorporate, as well as streamline what I do into more revenue-generating activity rather than education and mindset building. Full steam ahead!

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